The Powercab 112 and Powercab 112 Plus active guitar speaker systems are the perfect complement to any modeler—including the Helix®, POD® HD, and Firehawk® families of guitar and effects processors. Offering a Flat response mode for plug-in-and-play functionality with your modeler’s cabinet emulations, as well as a choice of six classic guitar Speaker Models, Powercab delivers an authentic “amp-in-the-room” playing experience.

  • Look like traditional guitar cabs not P.A. speakers
  • Choice of Speaker Modeling and Flat response modes
  • 250-watt amp produces a room-filling 125dB SPL
  • 12-inch custom hybrid coaxial guitar speaker
  • Powercab 112 Plus includes powerful advanced features


Line 6 Firehawk 1500 watt guitar stage amp with amp and effects models full range flat response speakers


Firehawk® 1500 is the ultimate stage amp for gigging guitarists that need an amp to accommodate a wide range of live scenarios. With 1500 watts of power and a full-range flat response speaker system, it delivers consistent tone at any volume. Firehawk 1500 is the perfect amp to combine with the guitars and effects that define your sound, and it includes over 200 HD amp and effect models to add more sonic variety to your musical vocabulary.

  • 200+ amps, cabs & effects
  • Power for every stage
  • Full-range speaker system
  • Use with acoustic & electric
  • Full complement of I/O


Line 6 Spider V guitar amplifiers with amp and effects modeling, full range flat response speakers, and mobile app


Spider® V amps are for the everyday guitar player that needs a versatile workhorse. Whether you’re gigging, jamming in the garage, recording in the studio, or at home practicing, the Spider V series has an amp tailored for that application. Featuring a straightforward front panel for the player that likes to tweak knobs, or connect your smartphone or tablet and edit your tone on the Spider V Mobile App. Spider V includes innovative features like a full-range speaker system, an integrated wireless receiver, and built-in drum tracks.

  • 200+ amps, cabs & effects
  • Full-range speaker system
  • Built-in wireless receiver
  • USB recording


Line 6 AMPLIFi full range flat response guitar amps with amp and effects modeling iOS and Android app


Guitarists need a motivational amp to keep in their living room or office. The AMPLIFi® family inspires guitarists to shut out the noise and play more music. It includes a huge library of legendary POD amp and effects models, which you control via the AMPLIFi Remote App on a smartphone or tablet. Stream your music via Bluetooth® through a full-range speaker system, and instantly match the guitar tone in that song through thousands of user submissions.

  • Automatic tone matching
  • Practice tracks & loops
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • USB recording


Line 6 DT25 tube guitar amps designed with Reinhold Bogner


DT25 is like having four boutique amps in one classically designed tube amp. Designed with amp legend Reinhold Bogner to be technologically forward thinking, DT25 has four preamp channels that emulate American Clean, British Crunch, Class A Chime, and modern High-Gain. DT25 allows you to reconfigure analog components for a completely customized sound via L6 Link. Use any standard MIDI switching system to control channel, voicing, reverb on/off, pentode/triode mode, and class A/AB selection.

  • Designed by Bogner
  • Four classic amp voicings
  • Real tube tone


Line 6 Spider Classics guitar amps with built in effects and amp models for practicing guitar


Why would you turn down to practice? Spider Classics give you the excitement and feel of amps twice their size, and are there for you when you need it most: when inspiration strikes. Packed with plenty of amp and effects models to practice at a civilized level, or turned up to rehearse the new tunes for your next show. Whether you're just starting out, or buying a second amp to practice, Spider Classics are a great option for the bedroom guitarist.

  • Spider Classic 15 is perfect for practice
  • Micro Spider is battery powered and portable
  • Spider JAM is the original jam amp from Line 6