Muse is a three-piece band, featuring Matthew Bellamy on guitar, vocals, and writing, Chris Wolstenholme on bass, and Dominic Howard on drums. With hints of Radiohead-esque dramatics and enough angst to blow away the likes of Nirvana, Muse have always thought and acted differently than your average rock band. After starting out playing together in high school, in Teignmouth, Devon, the foundation of their success was laid when they quit school to become full time musicians and renamed themselves Muse.

For those of you who missed the band on their recent European arena tour, their stage show is phenomenal. With numerous large screens and a futuristically designed set, the Devon lads provide a wonderful backdrop to showcase tracks from Absolution, The Origin of Symmetry, and Showbiz.

No wonder then that guitarist, Matt Bellamy, couldn't wait to get his hands on HD147. We really do listen to what guitarists want - extreme high gain, lots of headroom, and crystal clean sounds that stay clean, even when cranked up to the max. The HD147 has this and more, in abundance.

We managed to catch up with the band at their December show at the NEC, and here's what Matt had to say about the gear he's been using recently:

"I used to layer the guitars quite a lot, but this time around I wanted to get just one guitar part to stand out and be just perfect.

Now I've completely changed my sound, because I found this new Diezel amp, which is modelled inside the HD147, which I use when a full rig isn't required. So for radio sessions and smaller venues, the HD147 works perfectly.

What I also use is a Line 6 Echo Pro, which is actually a studio unit. Because it's also MIDI-controllable, I can have it on a rack next to the amp, leaving the signal between the guitar and amp completely clean. It goes straight from me into the amp, with the Echo Pro running parallel. So when I hit my MIDI foot-controller, the amp brings it into the loop."

Matt and bassist, Chris, also use PODxt Pro and Bass PODxt Pro in their rack units, alongside Echo Pro, Filter Pro and Mod Pro. Not all of these effects are used exclusively for guitar sounds either, they also run vocals through the units to create some far out sounds.

So, if you're wondering how you can emulate the Muse sound, check out HD147 and just plug in, baby!