Version 1.00

Helix® launched with 46 Amp, 30 Cab, and 79 Effect models.

Version 1.04

Added the Dual Delay and Reverse Delay (Delay) models.

Version 1.06

Added three channels of Matchstick (Amp); the Teemah!, KWB, and Bitcrusher (Distortion); the Tremolo/Autopan, Deluxe Phaser, and Dynamix Flanger (Modulation); the Simple Pitch and Dual Pitch (Pitch/Synth); and the Autofilter (Filter) models. Footswitch assignment swapping was also introduced.

Version 1.10

Added HX® Edit editor/librarian support.

Version 2.00

Added the Line 6® 2204 Mod, Line 6 Fatality, and three channels of Cali IV (Amp); the Wringer Fuzz (Distortion); the Cali Q Graphic (EQ); the Harmonic Tremolo (Modulation); and the Vintage Digital (Delay) models. The Snapshots feature was also introduced.

Version 2.10

Added the Archetype Clean, Archetype Lead, and Line 6 Litigator (Amp); the Stupor OD (Distortion); and the Pitch Echo (Delay) models.

Version 2.20

Added the Line 6 Badonk, Woody Blue, Del Sol 300, and three channels of Busy One (Amp); the 1x12 Cali IV, 1x12 Cali EXT, 2x12 Match H30, 2x12 Match G25, 1x12 Del Sol, 1x18 Del Sol, and 1x18 Woody Blue (Cab); the Obsidian 7000 and Clawthorn Drive (Distortion); the 3-Band Comp and Autoswell (Dynamics); the PlastiChorus (Modulation); the Vintage Swell and Adriatic Swell (Delay); and the 3 Note Generator and 4 OSC Generator (Pitch/Synth) models.

Version 2.30

Added the Voltage Queen, Derailed Ingrid, Cartographer, Agua 51, and three channels of Brit Trem (Amp); the Kinky Boost and Thrifter Fuzz (Distortion); the Kinky Comp (Dynamics); the Bleat Chop Trem and Double Take (Modulation); the Cosmos Echo (Delay); and the Stereo Width (Volume/Pan) models.

Version 2.50

Added the Cali Texas Ch2 and Placater Dirty (Amp); the Multi Pass (Delay); the Glitz, Ganymede, Searchlights, Plateaux, and Double Tank (Reverb); and the M-series legacy models.

Version 2.60

Added the Cali Texas Ch1 and Placater Clean (Amp); the Deranged Master, Deez One Vintage, and Deez One Mod (Distortion); and 1 Switch Looper (Looper) models.

Version 2.70

Added Line 6 Marketplace support, two Tuner options, and HX Edit support for HX Stomp>.

Version 2.80

Added the Revv Gen Red, Ampeg SVT-4 PRO, three channels of Fullerton, and three channels of Grammatico® LG (Amp); the Dhyana Drive, Heir Apparent, Tone Sovereign, ZeroAmp Bass DI, and Ampeg Scrambler (Distortion); the Asheville Pattern (Filter); and Low/High Shelf and Tilt (EQ) models. Hotkeys, Variax® String Level, Powercab® Plus Remote, DT Remote, and Preset Sharing were also introduced.

Version 2.90

Added the Revv Gen Purple (Amp); the 1x12 Fullerton and 1x12 Grammatico (Cab); the Alpaca Rouge, Legendary Drive, and Xenomorph Fuzz (Distortion); Rochester Comp (Dynamic); and Pebble Phaser (Modulation) models—along with the Split Dynamic (Split) block. Output meters, Gain Reduction meters, and Signal Present/Clip indicators were also introduced.

Version 3.00

Added the US Princess, Das Benzin Mega, and Das Benzin Lead (Amp); 1x10 US Princess and 1x12 US Princess (Cab); the Horizon Drive, Swedish Chainsaw, Pocket Fuzz, Bighorn Fuzz, and Ballistic Fuzz (Distortion); the Horizon Gate (Dynamics); the Acoustic Sim (EQ); the Poly Detune (Modulation); the Poly Sustain and Glitch (Delay); the Poly Pitch, Poly Wham, Poly Capo, and 12 String (Pitch/Synth); and Stereo Image (Volume/Pan) models.

Version 3.10

Added the Mandarin Rocker (Amp); the Ratatouille (Distortion); the Retro Reel (Modulation); the Euclidean (Delay); and the Dynamic Hall and Hot Springs (Reverb) models. Increased Oversampling, customizable Stomp and Snapshot switches for HX Stomp/XL, Tuner Trails, and expanded 3.0 models were also introduced.

Version 3.15

Added the Line 6 Ventoux (Amp); the Ampeg® Opto Comp (Dynamic); the Ampeg Liquifier (Modulation); the Heliosphere, ADT, Crisscross, Tesselator, and Ratchet (Delay); the Dynamic Plate, Dynamic Room, and Shimmer (Reverb); and numerous Legacy models. Input Block per-preset Pad, Global MIDI control of Encoders 1-6, and Apple silicon support for the Helix Native plugin were also introduced.

Version 3.50

Added an entirely new IR-based speaker cabinet engine with expanded programming options and 20 new guitar cabs and four new bass cabs (that require significantly less DSP than previous models). Also added were two channels of PV Vitriol and three channels of MOO)))N (Amp); the Pillars OD, Vital Distortion, and Vital Boost (Distortion); the 4-Voice Chorus and FlexoVibe (Modulation); the Dynamic Ambience (Reverb); and the Boctaver (Pitch/Synth) models. A Dual IR block and the ability to disable Snapshot control over parameter assignments were also introduced.

Version 3.60

Added the Grammatico GSG, Line 6 Elmsley, and Agua Sledge (Amp); the 1x12 Blue Bell, 1x12 Open Cream, 1x12 Open Cast, 2x12 Silver Bell, 2x12 Match H30, 2x12 Match G25, 4x12 Greenback 20, 1x12 Epicenter, and 4x12 Ampeg Pro (Cab); the Dark Dove (Distortion); and the Triple Rotary (Modulation) models.

Version 3.70

Added the Line 6 Clarity, Line 6 Aristocrat, Line 6 Carillon, Line 6 Voltage, Line 6 Kinetic, Line 6 Oblivion, Brit 2203, PV Vitriol Clean, US Dripman Nrm, and Mandarin 200 (Amp); the Soup Pro Ellipse, 1x8 Small Tweed, 1x12 Fullerton, 1x12 Cali IV, 2x12 Interstate, 4x12 WhoWatt 100, 4x12 Greenback 30, 2x15 Dripman, and 6x10 Cali Power (Cab); the Prize Drive and Regal Bass DI (Distortion); Feedbacker (Dynamics); and the Dynamic Bloom and Nonlinear (Reverb) models.